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CTH AA Reconstruction Project Profile

Eau Claire County, WisDOT IDs 7824-00-00/09


  • Eau Claire County


  • 2012-2015

Eau Claire County, WisDOT IDs 7824-00-00/09

CORRE completed design work for this 1.75-mile roadway reconstruction project which also included the replacement of the bridge over Otter Creek. Design for this WisDOT STP-Rural funded roadway reconstruction included design plans, an intersection evaluation for a busy four-way stop controlled intersection, historical documentation for three potentially historic properties, and a right of way plat covering more than 30 parcels. The roadway design included improvements to several substandard vertical curves, and grading was required throughout to widen the road to current design standards.

While design was ongoing, Eau Claire County received WisDOT funding for the replacement of the CTH AA bridge over Otter Creek at the west end of the project. CORRE completed roadway approach design, all agency coordination, wetland field work, WisDOT reporting, and the right of way plat for this project. Construction of the two projects were tied together during the WisDOT letting process.

Coordination was required for both projects with the county, town, and adjacent Cities of Eau Claire and Altoona to ensure the final design addressed needs and concerns of adjacent municipalities.

Key Elements

  • Survey
  • Environmental Document
  • Section 106 (historical)
  • Design Study Report (DSR)
  • Transportation Project Plat (TPP)
  • Pavement Design Report (PDR)
  • Preliminary roadway plans
  • Final roadway plans
  • Right of way acquisition
  • Final PS&E
  • Wetland delineation